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    Huake hi-tech material co., LTD. Is the present domestic main shaped refractory material,Monolithic refractories is one of the specialized production enterprise,Is the domestic special steel industry with the professional supplier of refractory products,Its fist product medium frequency coreless induction furnace lining series dry ramming material in the domestic market。
    Huake hi-tech main business for the development and production and sales of refractory products,At the same time to undertake all kinds of thermal equipment design and installation of refractory,The overall contracting business such as construction service。Now for nearly hundred special steel production enterprises to provide quality products and perfect service。Company's products include series:Coreless induction furnace with ramming material、High temperature、Repairing、Coil daub、Ore heat furnace(The electric stove)Dry ramming material and anhydrous stemming of blast furnace、The blast furnace iron groove castable,......More and more
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Address:Lengshuijiang city, hunan province economic development zone
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