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    Shandong days sources of feed(Group)Co., LTD is a production of feed、Breeding poultry incubation、Swine breeding、Raw materials trade and cultured peripheral products、Sales in the integration of large-scale animal husbandry enterprise。
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    Shandong days sources of feed group co., LTD. Was established in2001Years,Group headquarters is located in the beautiful coastal city of longkou,Main business involves feed production、Raw materials trade、Meat chicken breeding industry, etc。Is shandong province of the 4th council of feed industry association governing units;The company covers an area of13Million square meters(200Mu),The existing staff500More than one,Assets2.3One hundred million yuan。Company subordinate enterprise8Home,The feed production enterprise6Home,Years can produce high quality livestock and poultry feed50Ten thousand tons。Meat and poultry incubator,Years can be provided for the society1000Ten thousand poultry seedling quality health……

    Shandong days sources of feed(Group)Co., LTD
    The phone:0535-8881667 / 8884777
    Address:Egg haidai in yantai development zone in shandong province road DingJia Village north days sources of feed
    Zip code:265716

    Welcome to the feed production and sales experience、Interested friends to join doctors graduated group,We will provide you with a stage to show talent!
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