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  Yuncheng hong health technology development co., LTD,Was founded2004Years,Is located in yuncheng in Shanxi Province economic development zone,Is a collection research and development、Manufacturing、Sales、After-sales service as one of the gravure plate making equipment professional manufacturers。The company currently college degree or above personnel accounted for45%,Engineering and technical personnel account for32%,Has formed the overall quality is higher、Professional skills, excellent staff team。Since the founding of the company,For a number of technology patents。

  The main products are hong health technology at present:Automatic electroplating production line(Nickel plating machine、The copper plating machine、Chrome plating machine、Skim back chrome machine、Cleaning machine)、Grinding machine、Copper polishing machine、Electric carving machine、Chrome polishing machine、Etching machine、The traffic machine、A prototype, etc,At the same time engaged in production of matching parts and consumables,Such as:Pump、Top、Sealing ring、Electric carving needle, etc。All products can be customized according to customer's actual demand。

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Yuncheng hong health technology development co., LTD
Address:Yuncheng in Shanxi Province economic development zone recuperat street
The phone:0359-2168268 A mobile phone:13513598383
Contacts:Hai-tao sun The
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